Jade Marvel Group Berhad has accumulated years of experience in major roadwork and infrastructure engineering and land reclamation project in Malaysia. We have earned excellent ratings in this industry and have become a leader in this sector.

Jade Marvel Group Berhad is one of the major roadwork and infrastructure engineering companies in the northern region of Peninsular Malaysia, involves in the construction of road and pavement-related construction services including land reclamation.

With a good track record in completing the roadwork for Butterworth Outer Ring Road (BORR), Jelutong Expressway, and other major projects in the northern region of Peninsular Malaysia, the Construction Division also undertakes the builder’s work for the property development business by the group.

In terms of land reclamation, Jade Marvel Group focuses on the development of similar land opportunities. Jade Marvel Group expertise in the field of land planning has been recognized by the industry. In the case of the growing world population, Jade Marvel Group believes land reclamation will be in demand for the near future. Soon, Jade Marvel Group will carry out large-scale reclamation in Malaysia.

With experience spanning over the previous years, Jade Marvel Group is capable of tailoring fully integrated and cost-effective solutions for our clients, delivering effective end-to-end solutions as control over timely delivery and quality.


Butterworth Outer Ring Road
Penang Airport
Polytechnic B Pulau
Taman Perdana SA65
Jelutong Expressway
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