Healthcare Services

Healthcare Services


Healthcare service and ambulatory surgery centers have earned a remarkable name for outpatient treatment recently in helping patients in need of immediate attention. At Jade Marvel Group Berhad (JMGB), we expand modern healthcare centers by supplying a wide range of industry -leading supplies, equipment, furniture operations, hospital health service equipment, from needles and syringes to gloves, masks and surgical supplies including surgical equipment, custom procedure trays, so that they can focusing on saving patients ’lives and focusing on patient care.


With Malaysia’s pandemic situation, hospitals are straining to provide services. Hospital in Malaysia are now facing a supply crunch and some patients have to share health equipment to survive. Public hospitals are struggling to cope with the surge. Therefore, there is a warning that Malaysian hospitals are currently at a critical breaking point.

Jade Marvel Group is committed to offering the community the latest technology and a comprehensive wide range of medical services, such as medical and surgical services and treatments, diagnostic tests with laboratory and equipment, doctor consultation, nursing care, intensive care, etc, that supported by a group of medical experts.

Our goal is to become the top medical facility in Malaysia and provide quality healthcare services for everyone.
Doctor Consultation


JMGB is a distributor of high-quality natural rubber gloves. We have made tremendous progress in terms of market share and global acceptance. During this pandemic, rubber gloves have become an essential item, and this helps us in expanding our market share.
JMGB has an established line of products ranging from Latex Examination Gloves to Nitrile Examination Gloves, Surgical Gloves, Household Gloves, and a range of other latex products.
Our commitment to quality starts at the very beginning. From the time we begin sourcing our materials to the delivery of our product, we’ve ensured the most stringent quality control procedures are implemented by our highly trained staff.
Our products can be widely used in many fields such as medical examination, first aid, nursing, dentistry, laboratory, food processing, and electronic industrial protection.
With safety at the heart of our business, we strive to maintain the highest quality in both our products and services.
High-Quality Rubber Glove
Stringent Quality Control Production
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