Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile


Jade Marvel Group Berhad (JMGB) was formed in 1980 as a private limited company to manufacture and supply asphalt mixes for road paving works in the government and private sectors.

Since its listing in 2004, JMGB has expanded its business activities from the manufacturing of construction material namely Asphaltic concrete and aggregates to property development and other projects.

JMGB is one of the leading manufacturers of asphalt and, since its involvement in property development in 2007, it has also firmly established itself as an up-and-coming reputable property developer in the region.

JMGB strives to thrive by venturing into new and emerging economies, the company has gradually shifted focus on the business incubation sector to leverage new and emerging economic opportunities.

JMGB provides a platform to assist any highly credible local company in Malaysia to go for or/and be listed on the public stock market by endowing them with relevant resources to enable the entrepreneur to grow and expend the business under the business incubation plan.

In addition to incubating qualified local entrepreneurs, Jade Marvel Group is also actively expanding and venturing into five other major sectors.

First is the real estate. Jade Marvel Group will provide the most high quality and reasonably priced real estate projects in the country, making it easy for young people to own their own property.

Second is the financial services. Jade Marvel Group will provide one-stop online financial services to bring opportunities for more entrepreneurs.

Third is the medical services. Jade Marvel Group will create a comprehensive and universal medical system in the future, so that more people can enjoy the services of the private sector at affordable prices.

Fourth is the seafood refrigeration service. Jade Marvel Group looks forward to create a one-stop online and offline seafood freezing service in the next two years.

Finally the fifth, Jade Marvel Group will also actively enter the information technology services, paving the way for future new technologies through blockchain technology.

In conclusion, after more than a decade of its public listing, the company remains committed to its core values, corporate governance policy, shareholder trust, management accountability, the transparent policy of prudent risk identification when evaluating all opportunities and venturing, has driven the company to grow and managed to maintain its credibility to this day in operating the businesses.



Entrepreneur Incubate Entrepreneurs


Build Quality Homes and invest for Sustainable Income


Built with Consistency and Quality


Produce High-grade Asphalt Premix


Trusted Finanncing Solution for Your Needs


Connecting People Effortlessly


Healthcare is Wealth care

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