Property Development and Investment

Property Development and Investment


Jade Marvel Group Berhad (JMGB) history started with property leasing and investment projects. Gradually, its expertise continues to expand into various of land activities including housing projects, utilities construction, land investment, business broking etc. Nevertheless, the main focus of JMGB’s property management is still on the development of similar and existing land opportunities.

As a Master Community Developer, JMGB has established a reputation for developing innovative residential, commercial, and retail properties. We aspire to build a better tomorrow by creating an integrated space where communities live, learn, work, play in a safe, healthy, and connected environment.

JMGB has several advantages in terms of acquisition of private land ownership, lower investment costs, high product demand (best quality), higher resale value (repeat orders), and lower maintenance costs, has made the company strong and brought success to what they have now. Thus, JMGB believes that the land investments it ventures into is on the right track and will bring substantial investment returns to the group in the long run.

In addition, JMGB also owns land and real estate assets that are said to have strong and stable in economic growth point of view due to its urgent development needs. For many years, JMGB has been actively investing in land in various states in Malaysia. Equipping with a comprehensive land research methodology specially designed by JMGB internally, along with a debt-free model for pre-development land asset acquisition, and extensive knowledge throughout the history of venture in the Property Management field was a key strength to acquire appropriate pre-development land that fit JMGB investment strategy.

Currently, JMGB already has several large-scale industrial rentals and leasing plans, and several industrial sites located in economic hotspots where it will be leased to generate continued profits. As is well known, land is indeed a limited resource, and makes it one of the most profitable investments.


Taman Perdana (Completed)
Taman Camar Jaya (Completed)
RITZE Perdana (In Progress)
Casa Perdana (In Progress)


Bayan Lepas Industrial
Taman Perdana, Simpang Ampat, Penang
Taman Perdana, Simpang Ampat, Penang
Taman Perdana, Simpang Ampat, Penang
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